Sun Dynamics – Solar Energy Systems

Published: 02-10-2014

As a global leader in solar, Sun Dynamics, a Pytheas company, is committed to enabling customers to realize the maximum value from their investment by providing expert asset management and operations and maintenance services; a most comprehensive portfolio of products… read more


Discretionary-Portfolio-Management         Discretionary Portfolio Management brochure by Pytheas Asset Management

Published: 18-12-2011

Pytheas Asset Management is a leading asset manager for institutions, corporates, individuals and financial intermediaries that is truly global. Our investment professionals are located around the world providing strategies that span a wide spectrum of asset classes including, equity, cash liquidity, real estate, infrastructure, and private equity. read more



Risk Management For Asset Managers

Published: 03-09-2011

Pytheas Asset Management is a leading asset manager for institutions, individuals and financial intermediaries, worldwide. We focus on global, regional, developed, and emerging markets, plus a number of specialty products, including country and sector funds. Our investments combine local resources with access to global strategies and networks, and we continue to offer new products in response to an evolving global market and our clients' evolving needs. read more

Memorandum of Understanding Template – International JVs

Published: 11-06-2011

There is no standard template for a memorandum of understanding (also known as a "heads of terms"). They can vary from a simple letter to a carefully drafted document by advisers.

read more


Sample Mutual Non-Disclosure Non-Circumvent Agreement

Published: 11-03-2008

A purpose of a Non-Disclosure Non-Circumvent Agreement is to ensure that the intermediaries (who brought the buyer and seller together) are not by-passed, and the information disclosed during the negotiations is not revealed to any external or unauthorised party. read more


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