Mwambula, a PYTHEAS preferred associate

Published: 25-08-2014

PYTHEAS appoints Mwambula Apo Athina Limited as a Preferred Associate for Zambia. Mwambula is a leading national consulting company registered in Zambia with Head Offices in its capital Lusaka. Encompassing expertise of almost four decades that spans a variety of industries, read more


Pytheas announces new corporate offices for Mozambique in Maputo

Published: 25-08-2014

One of the ten fastest growing economies in the world and with a GDP growth well above the sub-Saharan African average, Mozambique, is a country with opportunities in all sectors of the economy. read more


Pytheas Solar Credit        

Pytheas launches Pytheas Solar Credit

Published: 07-07-2014

Pytheas Solar Credit was established to providing a range of financing options and schemes to its valued clients and those of its solar energy companies – Sun DynamicsKlarmodul EnergiePhotinus and Merl1928read more


Photinus, a PYTHEAS preferred associate

Published: 01-07-2014

PYTHEAS appoints Photinus as a Preferred Associate in Photovoltaic Energy solutions worldwide. Focussing on outdoor PVE lighting, Photinus, is an Austrian company with – to our point of view – incomparable to any other outdoor solar lighting developer and manufacturer products; characterised by intelligence and ingenuity, efficiency... read more


PYTHEAS has been nominated by the International Socrates Committee of Europe Business Assembly for the prestigious international award “Best Enterprise”

Published: 12-02-2014

PYTHEAS has been nominated by the Socrates Committee of Europe Business Assembly for the prestigious international award in quality and management spheres - “Best Enterprise”. According to the Socrates Committee this nomination is recognition of the excellent business reputation, effective management and constant growth of the enterprise. read more


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